About Victor Percussion

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Our Philosophy

Victor Percussion is all about helping our performers to become the best they can be. You won't hear us talking about beating other groups; instead, we focus on the pursuit of excellence as individual musicians and as an ensemble. Our program is about work ethic, perseverance, and teamwork. When we all work toward toward those ideals, we become the best we can be. We have key components to our philosophy:

Leave it better than you found it.
This refers to everything we do and affect with our program: facilities, equipment, the ensemble, our audience, each other.

A positive instructional approach and positive performer mindset.
We will find success by lifting up, not by tearing down. We will greet challenges with determination to overcome.

Team before self.
We all sacrifice a lot, and we owe it to each other.

Excellence and growth before points.
We will always challenge our performers to do more and see what we are truly capable of before worrying about what will earn us the highest score.

Humility and work ethic.
Our performers have inherited an incredible tradition in this organization, and have a responsibility to leave it better than it was. Gratitude to those who came before and those who now make it possible is essential. Approaching what we do with humility allows for personal growth and opportunities for success. This ensemble is not a place for arrogance.

Take chances.
Go for it, take the chance, give it your best effort, and embrace the opportunity failure provides. If you are not prepared to be wrong or fail at a first attempt, you will never do anything original or creative.

Focus on the task at hand.
Leave the problems of the world and all of its distractions at the door.

A healthy body is essential to a healthy mind and performance.
We will work together to train our bodies and minds.

Open communication.
Honest communication is essential to our success. This means within the staff, student to staff, staff to student, and student to student.

We are a community.
Not of battery and pit, or of vets and new people, or of cool kids and others... but one community. Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten.

The WGI Bronze Medalist

The Victor Indoor Percussion Ensemble is the 2017 New York State Champion, WGI Dayton Regional PSA Champion, and the WGI World Championships Bronze Medalist. Since 2015, Victor Percussion has won three consecutive New York State percussion championships, two WGI regional championship (PSA), won the WGI PSA bronze medal, and has won the NYS field band championship and two Bands of America regional Class AA championships as part of the Victor Marching Blue Devils.

A Tradition of Excellence

Since being founded in 2004, the Victor Indoor Percussion Ensemble has earned 7 NYSPC championships, taken 1st place at dozens of competitions, and has been a WGI world finalist (2010, 2017) and medalist (2017). Most of our staff and students are also part of the Victor Marching Blue Devils, a National Class band that has won eight NYS titles. Our work ethic and commitment to each other have led to success, and we continue our pursuit of excellence.