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Uniforms from "Generation Next", feature a panel design on the top and black pants with a gray stripe that connects to the top. Set of 30 uniforms. $1200 + shipping.


Set of 29 uniforms that were used for "Disturbia". Uniforms were custom designed by A Wish Come True and were $120 each. Available as a set for $1,000 (+ shipping), which is less than $35 each. Sizes... Jackets: 5 Youth Large; 12 Small; 6 Medium; 3 Large; 2 XXL; Pants: 3 Youth Large; 16 Small; 7 Medium; 1 Large; 2 XXL


This 48' X 70 vinyl floor has a light gray background with with darker gray tech logos, emojis, and expressions. $400 + shipping.

Glass is Half Floor

Hand-painted floor from VIPE show "The Glass Is Half". 44' x 80', $200 + shipping.<